The race of the candles in Gubbio

gubbioThe city of Gubbio is very well known for its traditional race of the candles, which takes place every year on May 15th during the eve of the city’s patron saint, St. Ubaldo.

Bricklayers’ protector, he is a very important figure in the region, that is why people want to commemorate him by having a very specific ritual.

On that day, his statue, as well as the one of St. Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of both donkey breeders and peasants, and the one of St. George, patron saint of haberdashers’ protector, are put on 3 pedestals which should represent candles and people start the race.

Discover France: a shore excursion in Marseille

Why visiting Marseille on Shore ExcursionWho would like to go in Marseille at least once in a lifetime?

I’m sure many of you really do: there are so many reasons to visit this city, and in this review about Marseille, you can read about the best places to visit and the delicious food to taste, mainly based on fish.

Visiting Egypt: when to go

EgyptEgypt is definitely a great country to visit, but tourists have to keep in mind some facts before booking the ticket.

Even if travel agencies offer may offer some great deals, it is important to know that the weather can be a very serious problem according to which period of time you are going.

The country, in fact, has two seasons mainly: summer and spring.

A journey in Molise

moliseIf you don’t have so much time to visit the Molise region, here there are some quick suggestions about what to visit and what to see.

Let’s start with Isernia, the historic town where you can find some very ancient and prehistoric site, as well as spots that date back the early 13th Century.

The cemetery of the Old Castle in Menton

MentonEverybody knows Menton, the French city located on the Bay of Garavan which hosts the citrus groves celebration in February.

The place where rich people loved to go since the Victorian era because its climate, offers several interesting spots which have to be seen, in order not to sound a classic tourist too much.

One of them, for example, is the cemetery of the Old Castle, which you can visit for free. As the name suggests, in fact, it is a cemetery, so there is no fee to be paid.