Visit Jesolo summer vacations in Italy

Visit Jesolo

Jesolo Venetian resort, located along the banks of the lagoon of Venice, is today among the most requested destinations by young people and families with children having very futuristic accommodation with excellent facilities which allows you to make a quiet holiday in full security and wide range of local entertainment day and night.

The city center is divided into two parts, the historical Jesolo, Lido di Jesolo and tourism, where the ancient center of Jesolo archaeological remains are still visible as a huge Romanesque cathedral masterpiece whose ruins attest the ancient magnificence.

Very characteristic is the Tower of Caligo Romania where the invoice has been paid the iron cross of the old Church of San Dona destroyed during the bombing of the Second World War.

Lido di Jesolo, a summertime destination by many young people with accommodation as a residence, camping bungalows and apartments enjoy a 15 km long golden beach where all years are water sports like sailing, windsurfing, beach volleyball court and outdoor fitness.

Jesolo is the Patron of St. John the Baptist and is celebrated June 24 for the year various events are held mainly in exhibition type, and Sports, among which the most important held in June with the trophy City of Jesolo, May the Feast of Flowers and the Wine Festival in September.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by hanskainz

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