The Oceanographic Museum of Valencia

Oceanographic museum Valencia

Visiting Valencia without the Oceanographic Museum is not good at all, since it is the largest marine park in Europe. It’s a marine park, the largest of its type in Europe.

It has 45.000 animals divided in 500 different species, from fish to mammals, to birds to reptiles.

Even if you are not a typical aquarium-goer, you should really visit it, since the museum is also part of the architecture-wise very cool Ciudad de las artes y ciencias in Valencia.

It is divided into different marine areas representing the different seas: the Mediterranean, the Arctic, the tropical and the temperate ones and the Red Sea.

There is a dolphinarium, there are seals, whales, penguins, sharks, walruses and of course lots of fishes! The seals are also totally adorable, you should see how cosy they are. The sea water is taken from the urban beach called La Malvarrosa, located in Valencia.

The Oceanographic has a water capacity of 42 million litres, and half of it is for the delphinarium, where the sweet dolphin can play and amuse visitors who always want to take pictures. Don’t miss the 30-meter long tunnel where you can get a nice underwater view of so many species that are usually found in the open sea.

You will be astonished by the beauty of it, I guarantee. And don’t miss the chance to do some funny activities in the park! The most popular ones are diving into the tunnel – come on, do you dare?- and spend the night in the tunnel, staying on the dry side of it, as if you were on the beach.

You will visit a museum in a new different way, discovering the underworld and see the way its inhabitants live and eat. A unique experience, definitely so much better than the Aquarium in Barcelona.

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