Visit Siena in Tuscany Italy

Visit Siena

Among the most charming cities of Tuscany, Siena is among those surprised by the beauty of its majestic Gothic buildings, the now famous Piazza del Campo where the Palio is run each year.

Siena attracts many Italian and foreign tourists from all over the world, thanks to a wealth of art museums and public buildings where high housing real masterpieces of art which can be viewed in one day along the city easily on foot.

Piazza del Campo is definitely a strong impact from the start the idea of an amphitheater, with its oval-shaped shell and where stands the magnificent Palazzo Pubblico with its characteristic Torre del Mangia located it the lowest point of the Square.

Each year in the Piazza del Campo is the Palio di Siena in the following data: 2 July and 16 August. Among the most-watched shows in the medieval world, the Palio di Siena is a wild ride of horses with their jockeys in the Piazza del Campo, on winning the prestigious “Cenci” a banner of silk painting.

All the 17 districts of the city of Siena Palio and contribute to the scope during the days preceding the event, Sienna is invaded by tourists to witness this display of medieval flavor. Siena may be the starting point also to admire impressive places like Montalcino, famous for its vineyards of Brunello wine, or medieval towns like San Gimignano, Volterra, Pienza and famous for the tasty local cheese. Image Flickr Creative Commmons License courtesy by Gret@Lorenz]]>

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