From English to Italian: what happens to the movies?-part 1

From English to Italian: what happens to the movies?-part 1

Since I work in the translation field, and my Bachelor thesis was on the translation of movie titles from English to Italian, I think I know a little bit of this subject.

The point is that sometimes it really takes too much to buy the rights to show the movies in Italy.

That is ridiculous, and don’t try to convince me that the producers and all their teams need time for dubbing and subtitling. Guess what: I found on the internet Italian subs for movies that are not relased in my country yet.

So? I was in New York back in January 2012 and I saw several movie trailers while I went to the IMax theater to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

One of these was The Grey, in theaters in the USA from January 27, 2012. 6 months ago, in August, I read on the official IMDB website that the Italian release date is not known at the moment, as well as they don’t even know if the movie is going to be released here or not.

What at shame! Coriolanus, in theaters in the USA starting from December 2, 2011, has the same problem, as well so many others, such as some I really wanted to watch.

The Italian subs were on the internet starting from March 8, 2012, moreover the movie was shot in Rome, and that beats everything! Since we are still waiting, in the US people already have the  DVD and Blue-ray version.

At least we can have faith and wait, but other movies weren’t shown at all, such as The Roomate (USA: February 4, 2011), Christianse’s work which look like the bad copy of Schroeder‘s Single White Female (1992).

This movie was not on the list in Italian theaters, and it just came out as DVD in June 22, 2011 by Sony Pictures. Of course there was no ad or anything, so not many people rented it.

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