Mãe d’Água Amoreiras Reservoir and Belem

Mãe d’Água Amoreiras Reservoir and Belem

Around Lisbon the capital of Portugal, there are several places to visit, even if your time is not that much. You can visit two small cities in just one day or even half a day, according to what you want to see.

I am talking about Mãe d’Água Amoreiras Reservoir and Belem, which are definitely one of the best choices to choose to visit.

Do you like quirky attractions? Are you simply curious and you want to try something different? Then you might enjoy a trip to the Mãe d’Água Amoreiras Reservoir, used to collect water carried by the 18th century Aguas Livres Aqueduct in order to distribute it.

The building with arches and pillars nowadays is not in use anymore but it hosts temporary art exhibitions and, moreover, it still contains seven meters deep water (so inviting) as well as.

From the roof  top terrace there are views across Lisbon and of the aqueduct. The reservoir is located at Praça das Amoreiras, 10 and you can visit it Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5.30pm, paying only 2€.

If you still have one more day to spend in Portugal, go to Belem, as there is so much to do even if it is a small area. It’s a historical riverside neighborhood and it is famous because it’s the place from where many Portuguese explorers, including Vasco da Gama, left on their voyages of discovery.

The most important place to visit is Jeronimo’s Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an example of the late-Gothic Portuguese style.

Belem, of course, is not only an historical place: go to the Berardo Museum, an art gallery to admire the famous works by Picasso, Warhol, Pollock and Dali. And the best of all, you can do it for free!

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