Visiting Egypt: when to go

Visiting Egypt: when to go

Egypt is definitely a great country to visit, but tourists have to keep in mind some facts before booking the ticket.

Even if travel agencies offer may offer some great deals, it is important to know that the weather can be a very serious problem according to which period of time you are going.

The country, in fact, has two seasons mainly: summer and spring. As you can easily imagine, you should better avoid the summer time, since it is very hot and the cities are not only insufferable but also grimy.

You will feel like you need to take shower more than once during the day, and unfortunately there are just a very few places such as shops where you can enjoy the air-conditioning.

The capital, Cairo, in particular, is basically a place to avoid during this time of the year.

Cairenes know it very well, that is why the tend to move near the Alexandrian coast, where the temperature is a little bit colder.

During spring, which means between September and April, the weather is warm and there are also some breezers, so daytime is not that bad, compared to the one you can have in June or July.

The best time to go to Egypt, being able to visit it very well, is probably around January and February, when the temperatures are comfortably warm, so you are able to travel around the country without being too much worried about going back to the hotel to take another shower.

Some tourists, who are not too familiar with these pieces of information, tend to go there when the plane ticket is cheaper or when the travel agencies offer some very great deals.

Once there, then, they start to complain about everything and at the end, they have their vacation completely ruined. It doesn’t make any sense, actually, so be sure to know all you need and have to know before even thinking about visiting Pyramids.

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