Summer in Florence


During the summer, Florence became a big open air stage where they are often tourists, visitors to play the part of the protagonists.

With its squares, its churches and monuments to admire without getting bored, Firenze is ideal for young couples, families and groups of friends.

First we start with some advice. Florence in the summer is a very hot city, then try to limit your outputs to the cooler hours, preferring perhaps visiting museums and places indoors during the time when the sun is strongest.

Of course this advicehas to be applied  to European tourists, because those Americans are certainly more accustomed to high temperatures. Ultimately the climate of Florence is still a Mediterranean climate.

We start from the center. Just a few months ago the entire area around the Piazza del Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with Giotto‘s frescoes, the famous dome of Brunelleschi and the Baptistery, had been pedestrianized.

This is a great scene, one of the marvels of humanity, even more enjoyable now breathing cleaner air and less noise. From here I awant to create two paths. The first takes you through the Via dei Calzaioli, where are boutiques of fashion: Gucci, Prada, Valentino and so on.

A pause in Piazza della Repubblica, sipping a coffee at one of the famous bars, where the artists of the vanguard of primo novecento The second route takes you from the Duomo to Borgo San Lorenzo, where it is to be  visited the Church designed by Michelangelo and the museums of the Medici Chapels.

Spread around a small market of leather handicrafts made by Florentine artisans. Bags, shoes, girdles, jackets. Here is a must to visit the Central Market, where you’ll find the authentic flavors of Tuscan cuisine and especially the Florentine. It starts primarily from meat, queen of the tables in the restaurants.

The famous Fiorentina Cut, a cut of rib eye steak, cooked on the outside and rare inside. You eat natural, or with oil and pepper, served with arugula and shavings of Parmesan cheese or perhaps with a beautiful chapel of fresh porcini mushrooms.

At Central Market of San Lorenzo, a small restaurant offers some of the best specialty of Florence, at really low prices. Try the sandwich with Lampredotto, or the one with the Bollito, tripe, Peposa and other dishes prepared daily.

Then in the market you will find spices, cheese, bread and cake for all tastes. Going to the station, you can stop the Alinari Museum of Photography, which recounts through the eyes of a family of photographers, some aspects of Italian culture. Many special exhibitions are also organized this year in Florence.

Caravaggio e Caravaggeschi for example. Four hundred years after his death, Michelangelo Merisi in the Uffizi, along with Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Botticelli. Then the exhibition Pregio e Bellezza – cameos and carvings of Physicians, which has the largest collection of stones and jewels of the Medici family, which inspired many artists of the Reinassance period. Image Flickr creative commons license, courtesy by: linearmarlin