Ilha Grande and Paraty: paradise can be found in Brazil

If you have to plan your next trip, your honeymoon or a vacation, and if you dream about white sand and turquoise sea, you have to go to Ilha Grande, a must place located only 150 km from Rio.

It means you can still reach the real world if you get sick of relaxing, enjoy your free time, sunbathing, swimming or go to see the waterfalls.

As the title suggests, it looks like a real paradise, without any kind of technologies: no ATM’s, no WI-FI, and most of all, no cars at all. It is so peaceful, that is why is also a great place for those who want to escape the everyday life, so frenetic.

There, you can go to explore the empty beaches, feeling like you are on some movie set to shoot a scene, but it is real. Can you image a place like that, where you can go to the jungle instead of going to office to work?

In particular, go to see the most famous beach, which is called Lopes Mendes: it is a long white stunning beach where you can find a small portion of sand only for you.

Of course a place like this can’t be that cheap, so keep in mind you will need cash, since you can’t use your credit card. While you are in Ilha Grande, visit also Paraty, a coastal town which can be easily reached from there by boat.

It is an historical place full of cobble¬stone streets and pretty colonial buildings. Take pictures, learn about the local culture, try to it the typical food, having no chance to eat at McDonald’s or in any fast food at all. This can be a great opportunity to reflect about how life can be great with just the essential things.

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