From English to Italian: what happens to the movies?- part 2

From English to Italian: what happens to the movies?- part 2

Let’s continue to talk about the problems related to the movie title translation, focusing on 2 movies in particular.

Two different strategies, according to the specific situation created around the movies.

Unfortuntaly the first one was a total flop, while the second one a must-see movie. So, if you are movie addicted, you’d better read this post carefully.

Dream House (USA: September 30, 2011) will be in theaters in my country starting from August 3, which is next week, has been already watched by me, of course, because I couldn’t wait that long to see a thriller/horror movie, come on!

Almost a year to wait for a movie which is not a colossal, but it is just an ordinary one? The original Italian release date had to be Jun 8, 2012, but Sony decided to postponed it, maybe because the bad reviews and the poor box office numbers in the US.

Due to this, the director Sheridan tried to take his name off the film after being unhappy with the choice of the final cut made by Morgan Creek Productions, because they really changed the original version of the plot.

This is also why Sheridan and the two main actors, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz refused to promote the movie and claimed for news blackout. As far as it concerns Prometheus, the long-awaited sci-fi thriller, it was out into Italian theaters starting from September 14, after only 3 months from the USA release.

Considering the other movies, 90 days are definitely acceptable, plus it couldn’t be out during summer, since most of the people are on vacation.

Actually this is a very smart strategy since the director is the very well known Ridley Scott, and not a beginner. So once everybody is back home, missing the holidays, they can free their mind and go to the movies.

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