The beauty of the natural Turkish landscape

The beauty of the natural Turkish landscape

As everybody knows, the landscape of Turkey encompasses a huge variety of geographical zones.

In fact, for example, if you take a cross-section along the east-west axis, you will encounter the rugged, snow-capped mountains.

There, winters are very cold and cold, contrasting the highlands where the spring season is rich of wildflowers. And what about the dry steppe with rolling hills, the magical land of fairy chimneys and cavernous hillsides?

Not to mention, of course, the fertile valleys between cultivated mountainsides.

The lush is the center of the north-south cross-section, and it is the temperate zone of the Black Sea coast, well protected by a chain of high mountain ranges.

There they cultivate hazelnuts, corn and tender tea leaves, which soon become a part of the daily ritual of your staying in Turkey. Then there are the coniferous forests, which descend to a scrubby maquis fragrant with bay leaves and oregano as the Mediterranean coast approaches.

Up north to Syria, the earth displays all the textures and shades of brown color and it is a breathless view, so keep in mind to go there.

As far as you can read, the Turkish landscape combined the characteristics of the three oldest continents in the world: Europe, Africa and Asia, and this means having an ecological diversity that surpasses any other place along the 40th north latitude.

Moreover, this diversity is also reflected in the intermingling of all varieties of animals, so, for example, it is now possible to observe the yearly flocks of stocks and birds that continue on their migratory routes. It is a beautiful spectacle that you can observe during fall.

If you happen to be in Turkey during spring, do not miss a very special and wonderful show: go to visit one of the 17 beaches along the Mediterranean in May and you will able to see the seas turtle which lays its eggs in the sand.

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