Visit Florence in Tuscany


Florence is not only known as the capital of Tuscany, but is among the most famous art cities in the world with its green hills enchants at first glance.

Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence was the home of Michelangelo and Machiavelli in its territory and has a high concentration of art, culture and history.

During his stay in Florence not to be missed are the art treasures contained within the Uffizi and the Bargello, admire the breathtaking view of Florence from going up on the terrace of the Campanile di Giotto or trudge 463 steps from Brunelleschi’s Dome to experience one glimpse of Florence from above.

A tourist in Florence can not miss the beauty of the center of political power from Piazza Signoria, one of the most picturesque squares in Italy is dominated by Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia della Signoria, and continuing to climb on the famous Ponte Vecchio, with its two terraces that allow panoramic views of the river Arno.

To get into town to Florence a good reference point is the Santa Maria Novella train station, since most of the most important monuments are easily reachable on foot.

In Florentine trattorias are not miss the famous Florentine steak, pappa al pomodoro, l ribollita and tripe alla fiorentina. On June 24 is celebrated in Florence St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the city with historical parades, flag-wavers and prevent “Fochi” fireworks along the river Arno.

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by stevehdc

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