Discover France: a shore excursion in Marseille

Discover France: a shore excursion in Marseille

Who would like to go in Marseille at least once in a lifetime? I’m sure many of you really do: there are so many reasons to visit this city, and in this review about Marseille, you can read about the best places to visit and the delicious food to taste, mainly based on fish.

Marseille is a city in France and it’s the country’s second largest city, after Paris, and it’s located on France’s south coast: it’s one of the most visited city in France during shore excursions and daily tours, especially because Going to Marseille, you have so many places to visit that are definitely worth:

Best places to visit and Culture in Marseille

  • for example, you can see the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde where you can find “Belle Marie” who protects fishermen and all people who lives in Marsille: from the Basilique Notre Dame, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the whole city. At night the Notre Dame de la Garde is illuminated in white and gold, making it a wonderful thing to see.
  • Some other important religious locations in Marseilles are the Basilique St-Victor and the Cathedrale de la Major.
  • You can also have to enjoy the Calanques: they are the most beautiful Provence’s coves from which you can admire the turquoise sea and you can see these beautiful bays starting from Cassis by boat: for those who are interested, all days Cassis organizes boat trips to the calanques.
  • Another beautiful place to visit is the Vallon des Auffes, a small port from where you can see the turquoise sea, the fishermen’s small boats, the fishermen’s small coloured houses: to arrive there, it takes a wwlk  in a steep staircase, but it’s really worth!
  • One of the most beautiful parks in the city is definitely the Parc Borely: here you can admire peacocks and you can make pic nic, this place is perfect for family and for all people who wants to relax themselves and enjoy the nature on their way through the city.
  • You can take the Petit Train Marseille and it plies two routes: up to Notre Dame de la Garde and through the Panier: the train runs every 30 minutes and is very used because it is much easier to get to the basilique of Notre Dame de la Garde: in fact, as we said before, the road to reach the Notre Dame is very steep.
  • I also advise you to visit the Fort Saint-Jean, an important castle built in 1660 by Louis XIV at the entrance to the Old Port from which you can admire the coast.
  • In Marseille it is very famous also the Mucem, a very important museum where you can admire the exhibition of Picasso paintings. This museum is also known as the Museum of Mediterranea Archaeology and in here, you can admire the special feature of this museum, which is divided in many different world cultures.

Some other good spots in Marseille are”Palais du Pharo” or the “Palais des Congrès et des Expositions (Parc Chanot)” or the “World Trade Center”

Marseille and the food

Marseille is very famous also for the chance to taste many delicious kinds of food, typical from here. For example, you can take a walk in the Vieux Port where you can find a fresh fish market and you can taste Bouillabaisse, a famous fish soup. 

And if you life fish and mussels, you definitely have to taste “Les Moules à la Marseillaise”, mussels and tomato made in the typical Marseille’s way! Another good advice: you have also to taste the “Panisses Fris“, a fried chick pea flour or the “Pan Bagnat“, that is a bread seasoned with garlic, vinegar and oil.

Another good food you have to taste is called “Les Moules à la Marseillaise” (mussels and tomato) And if you are into sweets and cakes of all kinds, you can eat the “Navette”, a really good biscuit handmade, with essence of orange flower.

And don’t forget: you can’t leave Marseille without trying and drinking the delicious Pastis, an anise liqueur.

Best Restaurants to visit in Marseille during an excursions

Here’s some of the best restaurants in the city, for all of you that will visit Marseille during a shore excursion or during a long France Tour:

  • O’Bidul, in Rue de La Palud, 79;
  • Epuisette, in Rue du Vallon des Auffes, 18;
  • Arome, in Rue des 3 rois, 9;
  • La Table du Fort: in Rue Fort Notre Dame, 9;
  • La Manne, Boulevard de la Libertè, 18.

According to me the best restaurant is La Manne, because there you can eat an apple’s gateux really delicious

Marseille: definitely worth a visit

I hope you enjoyed this review about the city of Marseille, one of the most incredible and unique city in Europe. In my opinion, the city is worth a vacation, so that you get the chance to visit all the areas nearby the city, but for those who don’t want to spend the whole time here and that are just visiting France all around, Marseille should be put anyway on the top of the list of the cities to visit in France.

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