Copacabana Apartments

Copacabana apartments

Originally called Sacopenapã, that in the tupi language means the way of the socós (a kind of bird), Copacabana took its current name only in the eighteenth century, when a chapel holding a copy of the Virgen de Copacabana, the patron saint of Bolivia, was built in what was going to be one of the most popular district of Rio de Janeiro.

Today, Copacabana is especially famous for its beach, that stretches for over 4 kilometres along the Brazilian balneario coastline. It is not only on top of the city’s attractions, but also one of the most famous beaches in all the world.

Taking into account that Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in the southern hemisphere, receiving almost 3 millions visitors every year, you can approximately figure out how many people sunbathe in this beautiful beach every year. Copacabana apartments are much sought-after for this reason, but also numerous, so as to meet the request of an increasing number of tourists.

The beach of Copacabana spans from Posto Dois (lifeguard watchtower Two) to Posto Seis (lifeguard watchtower Six). Here locals and foreigners enjoy their free time together, chatting, drinking and playing beach sports like football and volleyball.

Parallel to the beach is the promenade, that has a black and white wave design, conceived by Roberto Burle Marx, and is as long as the beach. The promenade is dotted with hotels, restaurants, and bars, that are crowded with people at all hours of the day and night.

Many Copacabana apartments overlook the promenade or are located in the close vicinity, and have direct access to the beach. They are new and equipped with all amenities, combining comfort and style.

At the above link you can have a look at their description and photos, and choose the one you prefer considering number of guests, position and price.

Copacabana is a perfect place to stay on holiday, since it is very well served by public means of transport, with more than 40 bus routes and three subway stations: Cantagalo, Siqueira Campos and Cardeal Arcoverde.

During the New Year’s Eve celebrations, one of the most important event of the year, the neighbourhood of Copacabana hosts thousands of revellers, who enliven the streets and give a sparkling look to the entire city.

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