Visit Venice in Italy

Visit Venice

Venice is the eternal romantic city, known throughout the world for its unquestionable beauty and peculiarity to rise on a lagoon.

There are so many things to visit in Venice as the Piazza San Marco, the heart of town, surrounded by beautiful monuments and buildings that encircle the “most beautiful drawing room of Europe”.

He remains fascinated by the Basilica of St. Mark, symbol of Venice with its clock tower, where inside there are artistic gems of great value as the high altar covered over 3000 precious stones and mosaics and medieval narratives of the New Testament.

To admire a breathtaking view over the city of Venice, just climb the Campanile di San Marco, which dominates the entire city and where you can see even the Canal Grande, the largest waterway in Venice with its three famous bridges the cross, the Ponte degli Scalzi, the Ponte di Rialto and the Accademia Bridge.

But in Venice the most famous bridge is the Bridge of Sighs, where each day gondoliers take tourists to see what the legend was the last glimpse of light from the prisoners in transit before being locked up in prisons.

To fully enjoy the city of Venice with its canals and water courses, the gondola is the means of transport for romantic couples and tourists and is an original way to enjoy the lagoon city, or to walk and get lost among so many fields ( squares) and calli (streets) full of shops where you can buy souvenirs.

Another place not to miss when you visit Venice is the island of Murano, famous for the manufacture of artisan-blown glass vases. There are many events that take place every year in Venice as the Venice Film Festival, the Biennale of Venice and the Carnival.

For the Feast of the Redeemer, which is held the third Saturday of the month of July, Venice explodes with her long and beautiful fireworks in a whirlwind of lights and colors. Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by llamnuds

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