Visit Rome in Italy

Visit Rome

At least once in your life you must leave for a visit to Rome, in Italy, this ancient city now known worldwide as the “Eternal City” is capable of transmitting emotions only if you walk through its ancient streets, surrounded by monuments and beautiful ancient ruins, which take us back to the glories of the Roman Empire.

In this city there are thousands of things to see, so that would not be enough to remain a month to see them all, at every corner and every street you can admire the ancient statues, columns and arcades, museums full of great works of art that all the envy of the world, the museums of Rome and the Vatican are among the most beautiful in the world and at least once you must visit.

Beautiful fountains and piazzas follow each other in the streets of Rome and await the delighted gaze of tourists, such as the Trevi Fountain, the Fountain of Neptune, the Barcaccia Fountain, the Piazza Farnese, Piazza Colonna and that of many others.

The museums are the most beautiful and famous Galleria Borghese, where you can see the “Victorious Venus” by Canova, Capitoline Museum, where there are sculptures and works of immense value, the Vatican Museums, a huge container which houses works of art are worth invaluable.

In Rome it is also for good food, are in fact very good restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of Roman cuisine, the hospitality is guaranteed by hundreds of hotels and other resorts in all price categories.

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