Eating 4 meals with less than 10 dollars? Do it in Bangkok

Eating 4 meals with less than 10 dollars? Do it in Bangkok

Have you ever dreamt of spending just a few dollars and be able to eat 4 meals during the day? In Bangkok you can do it, and it’s not that difficult.

Starting from breakfast, you can order a gafae yen, a sort of the iced coffee you can find at Starbucks: it only costs 25 baht, which is basically nothing, if you consider the fact that 1 bath is 0.034 $.

That means that you can have your drink for only 0.85 $, and if you add other 0.34 $, you can also have the so-called pa thong go, a sort of Chinese sweet you can put in the coffee before eating it.

Let’s jump to lunch: the famous kao tom pla, the boiled rice with fish costs you only 1.36 $, and you can easily get starved with just one portion. If you prefer vegetables, try the spicy salad with papaya and rice: it is one of the typical food of the country, and you buy it with another 1.36 $.

And, of course, do not forget to drink water with it! If you prefer meat, then try the krapow moo sab kai daw, which is a simple meal, even if the name can suggest the exact opposite: it’s just pork meat served with peppers, garlic, basil, rice and fried eggs.

Can you smell it? You can taste it for only 1.19 $. Snack time! The keyword is fresh fruit, also due to the hot temperatures they have over there. A fruit salad is something very used to eat during the afternoon. If you prefer salt food, you have to order a moo ping, the typical snack made with pork.

Dinner, at the end, can be eaten with just 3.23 $, and you can get chicken, choosing the kind you like most. Of course you can have rice again, since it is a must food over there.

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