A journey in Molise


If you don’t have so much time to visit the Molise region, here there are some quick suggestions about what to visit and what to see.

Let’s start with Isernia, the historic town where you can find some very ancient and prehistoric site, as well as spots that date back the early 13th Century.

Near there you can sneak around Agnone and Scapoli, two small towns in where the artisanal activities are still very important.

In the first one, for example, people working in that field are specialized in the manufacture of bells and they make them for the most prestigious churches. The second one is related to the bagpipe, the ancient musical instrument for which the place opened a museum.

The region is also full of great examples of the Romanesque architecture, as you can see in both Matrice and Petrella Tifernina: the first one hosts the Church of St. George, while the second one the Church of Santa Maria della Strada.

The very famous of the Benedectine Abbey at San Vincenzo al Volturno can’t be skip, even though you are not into church that much or you are a non-believer.

Churches, abbeys and sanctuaries, in fact, are part of the traditions of the Molise, as well as castles, which are so many. The most important one is the one of Pescolanciano.

Tourists really love it. There are also Roman Buildings, and Medieval and Gothic-style Cathedrals, as to the prove that the region has a long and fascinating history which has to be discovered while visiting around and enjoying the staying in Italy.

Because the country is not only about Rome, Florence, Milan or Naples, it is so much more. Theaters, harbors, artistic buildings can also be foud in a small area of Molise.

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