Visit Sarzana in Liguria Italy

visit Sarzana

Lunigiana is an area between two regions, Liguria and Tuscany where you can find beautiful beaches and fantastic mountains, the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

In the coastal area, Sarzana is surely the most beautiful and important zone.

This precious town is well preserved and situated few kilometers away from the beautiful seaside of Lerici and the unspoilt charm of resorts as Punta Bianca, Tellaro, Fiascherino.

Between spring and autumn Sarzana comes alive with many initiatives, street festivals, food festivals, music events, festivals of literature and philosophy and much more.

By car, the city is easy to reach by motorway A11 Genoa – Livorno or through the state road SS1 Aurelia. Every year in the second week of August since about 30 years in Sarzana is organized The National Antique Show named ‘The Attic in the road‘, a rich outdoor event with antiques from all over Italy and abroad.

A colorful market that attracts tourists and visitors to the uniqueness of the goods for sale. Antiques, modern antiques, furniture ethnic, eyeglasses, jewelry, clothing and vintage furs, antique oriental rugs and Anatolian kilims, old toys, books, paintings, lace and tablecloths.

A heaven for collectors and lovers, with the most fashionable and sophisticated furnishings. A market where you can find real rarities while you are immersed in history: Via Mazzini, the way of historical buildings, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the church of Sant’Andrea, the Piazza Matteotti and Castle Sarzanello are all elements of a fantastic setting.

During the market the city center, flooded with booths of antiques and modern art, takes on the outlines of an oriental bazaar, where sounds, colors, take you to another dimension.

An interesting initiative always takes place in August and is called ‘Il Gusto in Piazza’ (Taste on the streets). Dedicated to the world of gastronomy, wine and craft beer, this is a great festival that leads you to the discovery of the typical Lunigiana.

Forgotten dishes, secret recipes, here you can taste unique products at reasonable prices. On 3-4-5 September 2010, do not miss the Festival della Mente (Festival of Mind), the first festival in Europe dedicated to creativity and creative processes, mustering philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, writers, artists, musicians.

The Festival of the Mind invites all guests to share their knowledges with a speech, a performance, a lectio, a debate or a workshop. All of them, in fact, are not here only to claim their theories, but to exply, support and compare their researches. Image Flickr creative commons license, courtesy by: vengomatto