Visit Lucca in Tuscany Italy

Visit Lucca

Among the prettiest villages in northern Tuscany, Lucca is a jewel among the collection’s high Renaissance walls that form the perfect setting for this beautiful medieval city where time seems to stand still.

Lucca is traveling on foot and you can see the churches of great artistic value as a XI century Romanesque cathedral dedicated to San Martino where within the church houses the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto and guarded the Holy Face, the wooden crucifix is said to have been carved by Nicodemus, who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ.

The most beautiful street and animated the old town of Lucca is Finlungo Street, a town situated in the lounge of the medieval heart of Lucca, where there are many elegant shops and cafes, along with beautiful buildings and palaces of nobility, and where stands the Tower of hours that walking 207 steps you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city.

Art lovers should not miss the Casa Natale di Giacomo Puccini, where he was housed inside a small museum dedicated to the life of the composer born in 1858. Lucca is also famous for its beautiful villas that are located within walking distance of Old Town and located in the green Tuscan countryside, among the most historic worth a visit Villa Mansi, where inside is a beautiful park with waterfalls and groves and geometric flower beds, Villa Torrigiani with a beautiful park rich in vegetation with valuable statues, pools and water games and Villa Reale in neoclassical style.

During the year the city of Lucca held many events, the best known is Lucca Summer Festival in July of 1998, Lucca hosts a series of concerts with world-renowned artists in the beautiful Piazza Napoleone.

Other important festivals that are held in Lucca is the Feast of St. Paulinus, held the third Sunday of July with torches and with crossbow shooting contest and the Luminara di Santa Croce, held September 14 of each year. Images Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by espresso marco