Florence and the Alinari National Museum of Photography

Florence and the Alinari National Museum of Photography

Once you are in Florence, you can’t miss the chance to go the MNAF, the Alinari National Museum of Photography.

It has a really long story since the owners, the Alinari brothers, opened it in 1892.

At the beginning it was only a small shop, but it became very popular, getting not only national but even international success. Now the place is a studio and it can be considerated the oldest photographic company in the world.

How did it happen? Simply,year after year, the brothers made a great process, focusing on the different fields of the photography: not only people, but places too, trying to catch the right moment in every shoot.

Their pictures of te Italian traditions became very famous. Nowadays the company still owns the historic Palazzo Alinari, but the museum, which is called MNAF (the Italian acronym) is located in Piazza Santa Maria Novella in The Leopoldine Palace, which dates back to 15th century. It inlcudes a space for the temporary exhibitions and one for the permanent ones, where you can find the history and the evolution of photography.

The museum is divided into 7 sections, starting from the origins to the modern technologies used nowadays, passing through the golden years (1860-1920) and the avant-guards.

Another very interesting thing about this place is that it offers the Touch Museaum’s itinerary. It is a series of interpretations of a group of photographers involved in the project, who dediced to sign up in order to help blind people to xperience the art by touching it.

A very interesting idea organized by the uscany’s “Stamperia Braille” and the Italian Association for the Blind. MNAF Museo Nazionale Alinari della Fotografia Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 14a rosso Florence alinarifondazione.it Opening hours: from 10.00 am to 7 pm

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