The tortelli cremaschi: how to prepare them

Once you are in Milan area, you can not avoid to visit the hinterland, since it is really beautiful and it offers some great local products you are not able to find in other regions.

One of these products, for example, are the tortelli cremaschi, fresh pasta filled with amaretto, a sweet biscuit.

They are delicious and they fill you completely. Here there is the recipe, having ingredients for 6 people. For the pasta: 1 kg flour ½ l warm water salt For the filling: 250 g. amaretti biscuits 1 egg 90 g. white raisins 80 g. grated Parmesan cheese 15 g. mints 5 g. salt 1 mostaccino breadcrumbs First, grint the amaretti, the mints and the mostaccino, then minse the raisins.

Once done, add the egg. Stirring well, add breadcrumbs. The filling is ready, and needs to be sit for 15-20 hours, so remember to prepare it the day before you want to eat the tortelli.

As far as it concerns the pasta, make it normally, by mixing flour, salt and water. The dough has to be rolled in thin sheets, then cut into rectangles.

At the center, add the filling, then fold over, trying to make the traditional shape the tortelli have: they look like a sailboat. Important is to remember to pinch the edge.

When the water is boiling, add the tortelli, and after 10 minutes, they are ready. Remove them from the water, using a ladle with holes, and melt them with a piece of butter until it is melted.

Serve them in dishes, keeping in mind that the tortelli have to be eaten while they are hot, in order to taste better. Usually portions are between 20 and 30 tortelli, not more, since they can make you feel full very quickly. Enjoy them while drinking red wine and buon appetito!

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