Visit palermo in Italy

Visit Palermo

Palermo Sicily is certainly the gem among Italian cities to boast a wealth of rare beauty with artistic monuments, churches and buildings that have suffered from all the settlements have taken place in past centuries, the Arabs to the Normans.

The heart of the city of Palermo is made from the four quarters or place Vigliena which is the intersection of two highways that cross the city, Via Maqueda and Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

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Visit Jesolo summer vacations in Italy

Visit Jesolo

Jesolo Venetian resort, located along the banks of the lagoon of Venice, is today among the most requested destinations by young people and families with children having very futuristic accommodation with excellent facilities which allows you to make a quiet holiday in full security and wide range of local entertainment day and night.

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Visit Pisa in tuscany Italy

Visit Pisa

Among the most famous art cities of Pisa in the world, in the heart of Tuscany holds great beauty like the Leaning Tower and Campo dei Miracoli proclaimed World Heritage Merge.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa or commonly called The Leaning Tower was built by Bonanno Pisano in 1173, born from an erroneous assessment of the area and clumsy attempts to remedy the situation, today this wonder fascinates and amazes thousands of tourists who flocked each Campo dei Miracoli.

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Visit Venice in Italy

Visit Venice

Venice is the eternal romantic city, known throughout the world for its unquestionable beauty and peculiarity to rise on a lagoon.

There are so many things to visit in Venice as the Piazza San Marco, the heart of town, surrounded by beautiful monuments and buildings that encircle the “most beautiful drawing room of Europe”.

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