Visit Chianti in Tuscany

Visit Chianti

The area of Chianti and the Tuscan countryside where you can admire the expanse of rolling hills, valleys with olive groves and vineyards, dotted with castles and Roman churches, called churches that stretch between Florence and Siena.

Chianti The name derives from the Etruscan Clante root meaning water and paradox is a destination for cultural tourism, particularly in fine Italian wine lover, who in the wine regions of Siena, Arezzo, Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Pisa are protected by the DOCG, designation of origin and guaranteed.

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Visit Rome in Italy

Visit Rome

At least once in your life you must leave for a visit to Rome, in Italy, this ancient city now known worldwide as the “Eternal City” is capable of transmitting emotions only if you walk through its ancient streets, surrounded by monuments and beautiful ancient ruins, which take us back to the glories of the Roman Empire.

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Visit Lucca in Tuscany Italy

Visit Lucca

Among the prettiest villages in northern Tuscany, Lucca is a jewel among the collection’s high Renaissance walls that form the perfect setting for this beautiful medieval city where time seems to stand still.

Lucca is traveling on foot and you can see the churches of great artistic value as a XI century Romanesque cathedral dedicated to San Martino where within the church houses the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto and guarded the Holy Face, the wooden crucifix is said to have been carved by Nicodemus, who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ.

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Visit Arezzo in Tuscany Italy

Visit Arezzo

Arezzo, Etruscan city, boasts a medieval city with monuments of great value as Piazza Grande, the square in the Gothic style built on a slope and living in the city and known to be resumed in the film by Benigni, La Vita è bella.

Curch of Santa Maria delle Piave with its characteristic bell tower called “the hundred-hole”, the Gothic church of San Domenico, where inside and look after the young Cimabue’s crucifix.

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Visit Siena in Tuscany Italy

Visit Siena

Among the most charming cities of Tuscany, Siena is among those surprised by the beauty of its majestic Gothic buildings, the now famous Piazza del Campo where the Palio is run each year.

Siena attracts many Italian and foreign tourists from all over the world, thanks to a wealth of art museums and public buildings where high housing real masterpieces of art which can be viewed in one day along the city easily on foot.

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