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Learning the Turkish culture

Each landscape in Turkey is a backdrop and a context for people and events on the everyday stage of life. Perhaps the most thrilling aspect of travel is to become an active participant in this landscape.

As in all human interaction, the basic rule is equal partnership, giving the roles of host and guest. This rule defines mutual respect and a shared sense of responsibility as the guiding principle in an adventure where the parties involved are, by definition, different in their outlook and way of life.

The Oceanographic Museum of Valencia

Visiting Valencia without the Oceanographic Museum is not good at all, since it is the largest marine park in Europe. It’s a marine park, the largest of its type in Europe. It has 45.000 animals divided in 500 different species, from fish to mammals, to birds to reptiles.

Even if you are not a typical aquarium-goer, you should really visit it, since the museum is also part of the architecture-wise very cool Ciudad de las artes y ciencias in Valencia.