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Visiting Egypt: when to go

EgyptEgypt is definitely a great country to visit, but tourists have to keep in mind some facts before booking the ticket.

Even if travel agencies offer may offer some great deals, it is important to know that the weather can be a very serious problem according to which period of time you are going.

The country, in fact, has two seasons mainly: summer and spring.

The cemetery of the Old Castle in Menton

MentonEverybody knows Menton, the French city located on the Bay of Garavan which hosts the citrus groves celebration in February.

The place where rich people loved to go since the Victorian era because its climate, offers several interesting spots which have to be seen, in order not to sound a classic tourist too much.

One of them, for example, is the cemetery of the Old Castle, which you can visit for free. As the name suggests, in fact, it is a cemetery, so there is no fee to be paid.

Easter Island: a terrible warning

The people of Easter Island crossed the ocean just to create a peaceful and prosperous 1000-year civilization. Unfortunately, their culture collapsed into war and mass starvation, so it is really important we learn from that lesson, in order not to commit the same mistake.

In fact, the Easter Island story provides a model for disaster: the parallel between the ecological disaster between its place, located in the Pacific and what is happening now on our planet is basically too far from comfort.

Alcatraz: after being a prison

When the Alcatraz prison closed, the place was managed as excess government property. During this period of time, several interesting proposals for its future use were discussed.

One of these featured a commercial theme park, in order to celebrate the space travel, as the very wealthy man from Texas, Lamar Hunt, suggested.

Another idea was shown by a group of Native American political activists, who selected Alcatraz as the place where to make a stand. They occupied it several times: for example, the first one in 1964, when they stayed there only for 4 hours, less than a day. The second one, then, 5 years later, started on November 20, after the landing on the island of a small group of Indians, who claimed it in the name of “the Indians of All Tribes”, a landmark in intertribal cooperation.

The beauty of the natural Turkish landscape

As everybody knows, the landscape of Turkey encompasses a huge variety of geographical zones.

In fact, for example, if you take a cross-section along the east-west axis, you will encounter the rugged, snow-capped mountains. There, winters are very cold and cold, contrasting the highlands where the spring season is rich of wildflowers.

And what about the dry steppe with rolling hills, the magical land of fairy chimneys and cavernous hillsides? Not to mention, of course, the fertile valleys between cultivated mountainsides.

Some interesting spots to visit in Milan

Located close to Porta Ticinese, where you also see some 4th century Roman columns, there is the Basilica of St. Ambrose, originally built in 379. It is a very important church not only because it is really old, but also because it is connected with this famous patron saint of Milan.

Another interesting church is, without any doubts, the San Carlos Basilica, but the most unknown one is definitely the the church of San Bernadino, situated in Piazza Santo Stefano (Saint Steven’s Square), close the Dome.