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The beauty of the natural Turkish landscape

As everybody knows, the landscape of Turkey encompasses a huge variety of geographical zones.

In fact, for example, if you take a cross-section along the east-west axis, you will encounter the rugged, snow-capped mountains. There, winters are very cold and cold, contrasting the highlands where the spring season is rich of wildflowers.

And what about the dry steppe with rolling hills, the magical land of fairy chimneys and cavernous hillsides? Not to mention, of course, the fertile valleys between cultivated mountainsides.

Taking Time Out to Explore Australia

australiaAustralia is a vast country, stretching over a land area of over 7.6 square kilometres, making it the sixth largest country in the world.

Its varied landscape covers extensive deserts, lush tropical forests, urban metropolitan cities, and even snow-capped peaks, and there is no better way to experience Australia than in a car – flying over this landscape won’t do it justice.

Australia has a population of just 22 million on this huge land mass, which means you won’t have to worry about traffic – although locals do love a road trip.

Ilha Grande and Paraty: paradise can be found in Brazil

If you have to plan your next trip, your honeymoon or a vacation, and if you dream about white sand and turquoise sea, you have to go to Ilha Grande, a must place located only 150 km from Rio. It means you can still reach the real world if you get sick of relaxing, enjoy your free time, sunbathing, swimming or go to see the waterfalls.

As the title suggests, it looks like a real paradise, without any kind of technologies: no ATM’s, no WI-FI, and most of all, no cars at all. It is so peaceful, that is why is also a great place for those who want to escape the everyday life, so frenetic.