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The “tortelli cremaschi”: how to prepare them

Once you are in Milan area, you can not avoid to visit the hinterland, since it is really beautiful and it offers some great local products you are not able to find in other regions.

One of these products, for example, are the tortelli cremaschi, fresh pasta filled with amaretto, a sweet biscuit. They are delicious and they fill you completely.

Here there is the recipe, having ingredients for 6 people.

Eating 4 meals with less than 10 dollars? Do it in Bangkok

Have you ever dreamt of spending just a few dollars and be able to eat 4 meals during the day? In Bangkok you can do it, and it’s not that difficult.

Starting from breakfast, you can order a gafae yen, a sort of the iced coffee you can find at Starbucks: it only costs 25 baht, which is basically nothing, if you consider the fact that 1 bath is 0.034 $. That means that you can have your drink for only 0.85 $, and if you add other 0.34 $, you can also have the so-called pa thong go, a sort of Chinese sweet you can put in the coffee before eating it.