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The race of the candles in Gubbio

gubbioThe city of Gubbio is very well known for its traditional race of the candles, which takes place every year on May 15th during the eve of the city’s patron saint, St. Ubaldo.

Bricklayers’ protector, he is a very important figure in the region, that is why people want to commemorate him by having a very specific ritual.

On that day, his statue, as well as the one of St. Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of both donkey breeders and peasants, and the one of St. George, patron saint of haberdashers’ protector, are put on 3 pedestals which should represent candles and people start the race.

From English to Italian: what happens to the movies?-part 1

Since I work in the translation field, and my Bachelor thesis was on the translation of movie titles from English to Italian, I think I know a little bit of this subject. The point is that sometimes it really takes too much to buy the rights to show the movies in Italy.

That is ridiculous, and don’t try to convince me that the producers and all their teams need time for dubbing and subtitling. Guess what: I found on the internet Italian subs for movies that are not relased in my country yet. So?

I was in New York back in January 2012 and I saw several movie trailers while I went to the IMax theater to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.