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Discover France: a shore excursion in Marseille

Why visiting Marseille on Shore ExcursionWho would like to go in Marseille at least once in a lifetime?

I’m sure many of you really do: there are so many reasons to visit this city, and in this review about Marseille, you can read about the best places to visit and the delicious food to taste, mainly based on fish.

A journey in Molise

moliseIf you don’t have so much time to visit the Molise region, here there are some quick suggestions about what to visit and what to see.

Let’s start with Isernia, the historic town where you can find some very ancient and prehistoric site, as well as spots that date back the early 13th Century.

The beauty of the natural Turkish landscape

As everybody knows, the landscape of Turkey encompasses a huge variety of geographical zones.

In fact, for example, if you take a cross-section along the east-west axis, you will encounter the rugged, snow-capped mountains. There, winters are very cold and cold, contrasting the highlands where the spring season is rich of wildflowers.

And what about the dry steppe with rolling hills, the magical land of fairy chimneys and cavernous hillsides? Not to mention, of course, the fertile valleys between cultivated mountainsides.

Some interesting spots to visit in Milan

Located close to Porta Ticinese, where you also see some 4th century Roman columns, there is the Basilica of St. Ambrose, originally built in 379. It is a very important church not only because it is really old, but also because it is connected with this famous patron saint of Milan.

Another interesting church is, without any doubts, the San Carlos Basilica, but the most unknown one is definitely the the church of San Bernadino, situated in Piazza Santo Stefano (Saint Steven’s Square), close the Dome.

Rome vatican Tour

rome vatican tourThe Vatican City is one of the most visited sites in Rome, that’s why Limousine Rome Tour has designed special tours for all those who plan to see it, during their vacation in the capital.

You can choose between the Rome and Vatican tour, which includes also the main attractions of the city and lasts 8 hours, and the Skip the line Vatican tour,which focuses on the city-state and lasts 4 hours. In case neither of the two options meet your needs, you can also contact the company for a personalized tour, and get a response within just 36 hours.

Inside the Pitti Palace: some special museums

pittiThe Pitti Palace (“Palazzo Pitti” in Italian) can be considered a museum containing several other small museums inside. In particular, 4 are the most curious ones: the silver museum, the porcelain, costume and the carriage.

The silver museum is also known as “The Medici Treasury”, as it is called. As the name suggests, it contains a collection of priceless silver, cameos and gemstone jewerly, as well as some ancient vases and silver gilt mounts that once belonged to Lorenzo de’ Medici. The rooms which hosts this museum were once part of the private royal apartments, and were decorated with some 17th century frescoes made by the great artists of that time.