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Amalfi coast villas for rent: great vacation in Italy

Amalfi coast villas for rentIf you are planning a wonderful holiday, surrounded by the clear blue sea, the sunshine and the typical smell of lemons, the right place for you is the Amalfi Coast.

Here you can visit picturesque landscape, mysterious caves and huge rocks and so you will live an unforgettable experience.

The first step to organize your holiday is to choose the transport suitable to your needs. In fact you can decide to arrive at Amalfi Coast by car or you can rely on a tour operator that can help you to reserve the best offer to travel by air or by ferry.

Another very important thing to choose carefully is the kind of accommodation where you can stay overnight.

Copacabana Apartments

Copacabana apartmentsOriginally called Sacopenapã, that in the tupi language means the way of the socós (a kind of bird), Copacabana took its current name only in the eighteenth century, when a chapel holding a copy of the Virgen de Copacabana, the patron saint of Bolivia, was built in what was going to be one of the most popular district of Rio de Janeiro.

Today, Copacabana is especially famous for its beach, that stretches for over 4 kilometres along the Brazilian balneario coastline. It is not only on top of the city’s attractions, but also one of the most famous beaches in all the world.

Rent apartment in Lake Garda

Do you want to spend your vacation near the famous Garda Lake? Are you ready to spend a day in one of the most amazing amusement parks like Gardaland, or simply relax in the Villa dei Cedri di Colà spa? If the answer is yes then, choose the Residence Corsocangrande 25.

Rent apartment in Lake Garda has never been that easy, thanks to high quality of service offered by the Residence located in the old town of Lazise. In fact, the luxurious apartments are the perfect scenario for your vacation, holiday or staying in Veneto.